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A creative all-rounder with core skills in illustration and design I have more than 20 years experience specialising in producing branding and artwork for some of the biggest music and events producers in the business. I also balance this with marketing and delivering events of my own.


As a designer/illustrator I have worked with everyone from The Stone Roses to DJ Greg Wilson, from the Asian Arts Agency to Kensington and Chelsea Council, my client base, creative portfolio and range of skills are therefore extremely diverse.


As an events producer I have helped deliver everything from free festivals topping 35,000 people to street-parties, club nights, literary evenings, fundraisers and launch parties. I have also undertaken a wide range of roles such as negotiating sponsorship deals for festivals, devised and delivered fundraising campaigns as well as DJ-ing and promoting, which means I understand about communication in its widest context and can devise effective cross-media marketing campaigns.

If you need to hire a designer to produce artwork for your own event, advice on how to approach the marketing for a festival or need someone to brand your club night or venue you couldnt be in safer hands.

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